I have a good laugh when someone forwarded a powerpoint slide to me, with the title "Going on leave?". It listed some wacky suggestions what to do to your colleagues who are always going on leave.

Of course I do NOT recommend these ideas, but I thought it is fun to share with everyone. Have a good chuckle. :o)

Leave them some flowers.

Leave them some To-Do memos.

Spruce up their work area with some creative decor.

Everyone loves presents! Unwrapping presents is half the fun!

Clean their workspace. And to make sure it stays clean, protect it with something.

Let them know how you looked after their workspace while they were gone and kept "undesirables" at bay.

Hand-made gifts. A little masking tape and styrofoam goes a long way!

And finally...if they have had a bit of an "extended" leave, remind them that not much has changed since they have been gone.
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  1. Oh my goodness those are GREAT!!!