Aren't these personalized notecards lovely? I received them yesterday, thanks so much to Karla whom I knew from the Ultimate Blog Party (where bloggers around the world get to know one another and say hello or leave comments) which was held last month. It was so much fun! (I hope you will hop over at Karla's blog for some great reads!)
Although the party was over, but it doesn't just end there because I have discovered some online friends along the way. :o) I am looking forward to participating in the blog party in the near future.

Note: I apologize if the image isn't clear due to insufficient lightings!
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  1. Anonymous Says:


    I am so happy you like them, Melody! It was nice to "meet" you during the Bloggy Party.

  2. Melody Says:

    Hi Karla, thanks for stopping by! :) I'm glad to say the Blog Party has been a blast!