This picture was taken from a view in my office (I know, it isn't a good picture). It is raining cats and dogs this morning. In fact, it has been raining mostly in the late afternoons for the past few days, which I find it rather odd, because the weather is supposed to be hot and sunny especially towards the middle of the year.

Anyway, I am sipping my cup of steaming green tea while writing this, and hope we will get to see some sun later in the afternoon.
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7 Responses
  1. Rain Rain go away . . . . yes that is very odd for you guys to be getting rain. I remember when we were planning our trip you said it was hot and sunny after February every day!!

    It's been rainy over here this week . . . only difference, it's cold here!!!

    Here's to a nice sunny weekend!!!

  2. Alice Teh Says:

    It's cloudy in KL this morning... and it rains almost every evening, starting at 3.00 PM, sometimes earlier. I think Mr Weather is getting a little 'cranky' lately...

  3. Melody Says:

    Hi Jen, indeed it's very odd. I wonder what has happened to our weather lately...

    Hi Alice, I guess our weathers will be somehow similiar, since our countries are neighbours! LOL.

  4. Marg Says:

    Could you send your rain our way...we could really use it!

  5. Debi Says:

    Well, the weather looks frightful, but the steaming cup of green tea sure sounds good!

  6. Melody Says:

    Hi Marg, thanks for stopping by! Don't you hate it when the weather is so unpredictable?! Oh well... (Wishing I could send some showers over there!)

    Hi Debi, sure I enjoy my cup of steaming green tea...every morning! I'm addicted to it! ;)

  7. Please send the rain here too! ;)
    We're drought-stricken :|