Found this interesting meme at Debi's and Stacy's blogs, and I can't resist playing since it has something to do with books. Anyway, here's the Q&A:

1. What are you currently reading? I'm reading a crime thriller novel. The title is Officer Down by Theresa Schwegel. The book blurb stated it is a winner of the 2006 Edgar Award for Best First Novel, so of course I don't want to miss reading it! And I'm enjoying the story so far, it is very intense!

2. What did you just finish reading? I finished reading No Regrets by Shannon K. Butcher. It was a great read and a good romance suspense novel IMHO. You may wish to read my review here.

3. What will you be reading next? I simply have no idea. I have too many books in mind...and my TBR pile as well, hehe. I usually choose the book based on my mood at that moment. Currently I have the mood for reading thrillers, but next I might want to pick up fantasy or paranormal romance, so I can't tell. LOL.

So if you want to play, please leave a link so I can come visit! :)
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4 Responses
  1. Alice Teh Says:

    Hi Mel, same here... I also choose the book based on my mood at that moment. Right now, I'm in the mood for fiction but I don't think I have any in my mini library. They're mostly books for the 'conscious mind' i.e. self-help, educational, etc. LOL. Hmm... would you please recommend a secondhand bookstore in PJ/KL? Thanks very much!

  2. Melody Says:

    Hey Alice, I would say borrowing books from the library would be another good choice too; and since I'm not living in Malaysia, I couldn't recommend any bookstores to you. Perhaps you can recommend some of the bookstores to me if I happen to go there next time? LOL.

  3. Debi Says:

    I hadn't heard of Officer Down, but it sounds right up my alley. Think I'm going to have to pick that one up.
    Paranormal that's a genre I've never heard of. Sounds intriguing!

  4. Ooh, fun, glad you played along Melody! You're like me, it's hard to resist books, bookstores, libraries, and even book-related memes and posts online, LOL! Sounds like some interesting books, I will have to check them out :)

    Happy Reading!