Friday's Feast
I stumbled upon this meme and decided to play.
What is your favorite kind of bread?
I love all kinds of bread, so it's hard for me to choose just one.

When was the last time you bought a new pillow?
I can't remember, but I bought a bolster for my daughter just a few months ago. Does that counts? :P

Approximately how many hours per week do you spend surfing the ‘net?
I'm not sure if I can answer this, because I usually surf in the office as and when I'm "free" and/or need a little break. Although I have a PC at home, I hardly use it because my daughter will demand on climbing onto my lap and mess up everything. Usually it's the hubs who use it to do his work or downloading his files.

Main Course
What’s the highest you remember your temperature being?
Probably 40C. It was scary!

Fill in the blanks: When I ____________, I _____________.
When I read, I like to be alone.

18 Responses
  1. Melody Says:

    I got this reply from Addie via email. Thanks for stopping by, Addie! :)
    Hi Mel

    Try to leave a comment on your blog, but wasn't allowed cos I don't have a blogger account

    In any case, welcome to FF! I trust you'll enjoy it so much that you'll be back next week.
    Thanks for sharing a lovely feast today!

  2. Chateau Says:

    Welcome to Friday's Feast. Thanks for sharing your table, it was lovely :)
    My kids are always demanding to use the computer, nevertheless, I am always victorious haha!

  3. Christine Says:

    Welcome to Friday's Feast.
    I really enjoyed your feast.
    Your dessert is just the way I like it. I like to be alone, all peaceful and quiet, all alone, ready to get into a good book.

    Happy Friday!

  4. Debi Says:

    Great feast! I'm with you on the bread.In fact, I wish I didn't like it so much!

  5. SASSY MOM Says:

    Hi, I too am very new to this meme.

    Welcome to both of us!

    Regarding your soup, I also bought a bolster for each of my kid, didn't think it counted.

    Anyway, I enjoyed your feast!

    Happy Weekend!

  6. annie Says:

    I enjoyed your feast!
    ♥ Annie
    My Life as Annie!

  7. Bea Says:

    I think it's been established that people cannot live without bread. I haven't read a single feast saying "I don't like bread." But that would be simply crazy. ;-)

  8. Gattina Says:

    I will tell your boss that you are surfing in the office ! Give me his tel. Nr. please !

  9. Indiana Amy Says:

    Welcome to Friday's Feast! I hope you enjoy it!

  10. Miss Says:

    Melody - thanks for stopping by my site ( - glad you liked the appetizer :)

    I liked yours, too, and oh! You're a reader. You might also like my bookblog (

  11. Kara Says:

    I like lots of different breads too, it's just sooo good! Thanks for stopping by my feast.

  12. Great feast Melody, glad you played along! I don't think I've ever met any kind of bread I didn't like either :) And you're so right about the reading - I prefer to be alone, but it must be quiet. I can't read in a room with a TV blaring or in the car with the radio blasting. I need quiet to read :)

    Have a wonderful day!

  13. Sheelagh Says:

    Great Feast. I'm noticing a trend with books and dessert. Must be all their yummy goodness...

  14. Happy Friday.
    Nice geast and I agree with your dessert. I do not like to be reading a good book and someone or something interrupting. :o)

    Have a great weekend.

  15. Kim Says:

    Great feast today! I agree with your dessert as I like to be alone when I read too. Come on over!

  16. Welcome to the Friday Feast! Hope you enjoy playing along with us.

    My feast is served . . . come on over, get comfortable and dig in!

  17. Melody Says:

    Got this email from Gil. Thanks for stopping by, Gil!
    Hi Melody

    thank for dropping by my blog over at A - Blustery Day.
    I have a blogger account but it doesn't seem to want me to play today-
    Anyway loved you list - I love most breads too but its not good for your waist line

    xx Have a lovely Friday

  18. Alice Teh Says:

    I'm playing, I'm playing too. I especially like the one on reading. That's so Alice too! Teeeheehee...