In the world where the Emperor Penguins are living, you have to be somebody if you can sing, and able to sing well too. But it isn't easy for little Mumble, because you see, he is born with no singing talent but unlike the others, he tap dances and is good in it. His mom, Norma Jean, thinks his little talent is cute, but to his dad, Memphis, like the rest of the Emperor Penguins, seems to think otherwise. Besides, they all know that one will never find one's true love without his or her own heartsong. Mumble likes Gloria, who has a great voice and sings well, but at times he feels he doesn't belong although Gloria accepts him as a friend.

Because of his difference from his community, and also to find solutions due to the declining of fishes, he leaves home and lands himself in another land - the Adelie Amigos penguins. Unlike his own community, though the Adelies are smaller in sizes as compared to the Emperior Penguins, they are actually a bunch of friendly penguins and love to party. They think Mumble's tap dancing is cool and very quickly they become friends of Mumble. It is through them that Mumble knows their Guru, who calls himself Lovelace and will answer any question in exchange for a pebble. Along with Lovelace and his new-found friends, Mumble begins their journey and shall prove to everyone that he can actually rocks the world with his extraordinary gift too.

I love this animation, it is so cute and heartwarming. (And did I mention penguins happens to be one of my favourites animals?) And the best thing is, my daughter loved it too, and she actually moved with the beats whenever she saw Mumble danced. I wish I had her videotaped. LOL!
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  1. Gattina Says:

    Gee, you remind me that I still have this movie on DVD ! I completely forgot about it ! What I have seen from the movie, I found it very cute !

  2. Jennifer Says:

    what a cute movie . . . . I can so see the little one dancing/moving to the songs. If you would have taped it, I would have wanted to see, lol!!!

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