I hope you are not eating while reading this... ;P (Surely I don't want to be held responsible for spoiling your appetite! Hehe.) Anyway, back to the topic... How do you feel whenever you are using the public restrooms? Have you ever encountered something strange, something unexplainable in there, or have you had any weird dreams about them?

I asked because I have an eerie experience to share. I was in High School then (don't ask me where), and I recall it was a cloudy day that day. At that time the restrooms were not equipped with automatic flushing system. So whenever one has finished his business, he has to flush it manually.

I got out from a cubicle and was washing my hands when I heard a flushing sound coming from the last cubicle. I looked up and noticed the door was opened. Apparently no one was inside, but then who flushed the toilet? And who would stay in the cubicle after that?! (I was very sure no one played a prank on me because no one left the classroom when I came out. Moreover who would want to stay and wait in a restroom just to scare people off?) Without waiting any longer, I left the restroom immediately. Till now, I get goosebumps whenever I thought about that incident.
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