Officer Down is one intense crime thriller IMHO. It is no wonder this novel was the winner of the 2006 Edgar Award for best first novel. In fact, this is one reason I picked up this book, and I am not disappointed with it. And did I mention this is Theresa Schwegel's debut novel? I am totally impressed.

Samantha "Smack" Mack isn't your typical police officer. She works in Chicago's 23rd District, has a drinking problem and is involved with a married lover - Mason Imes, who is also her fellow officer. She has issues with Marko Trovic, a child molester which she vows to bring him to justice but fails.

Then one night, the Sarge asks her to fill in a co-worker's shift and she accepts it, because she thinks she owes him a favor; and so together with Fred, her partner and ex-lover, they follow Trovic's trail to a dark and rundown tenement house, whom they believe it is him they are chasing. They got split up inside the pitch dark house and later she hear gunshots. Then she finds Fred is shot. He dies later and Sam is called in by her superiors for some interrogations. Everyone thinks Sam shoots Fred by mistake although she claims she didn't and is positive Trovic probably hit her into unconsciousness because she wakes up with a nasty concussion. She is asked to put on administrative leave but she refuses to back down; telling herself she would investigate the case on her own after all no one is believing and supportive of her.

Mason says he will help her to close up the case, although she is still piss off that he doesn't leave his wife earlier when he told her his relationship with his wife doesn't work. Then someone begins to follow her and she is curious to find out the reason behind it. From there, the pace picks up quickly and I was anxious to find out who betrays Sam and why.

I like the way Sam is determined and her 'never give-up' attitude, although I don't agree with her drinking habits and why she wants to get involved with married men.
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  1. Julia Says:

    An interesing and good review Melody!

  2. This sounds like a must for my wish list! Thanks for the great review, Melody.

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  4. Debi Says:

    Oh, I definitely need to pick this one up! Thanks for the great review!

  5. Sorry about that, Melody! I must have been half asleep last night. (*blushing with embarrassment*) Thanks for bringing it to my attention.

  6. Melody Says:

    Hi Literary Feline! No worries. :)

    Thanks All! :D

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